Cyclist Pocket Guide to
The Ontario Highway Traffic Act


"bicycle" is a vehicle. Cyclist is driver of a vehicle - same rights and same responsibilities.

"roadway" is the space between the kerbs or edge of pavement excluding the shoulder.

"highway" is the space between adjacent property lines any part of which is used for passage of vehicles. It includes medians, shoulders, sidewalks, paths, ditches, etc.

61(17) - Night-time Equipment Requirements

Front white lamp and white reflective tape, and rear red reflector or lamp and red reflective tape. All attached to the bicycle.

61(14) - Intermittent flashers not permitted


75(5) - Bell, horn or gong required.


142 (2)&(6) - Must use designated turn lanes


142(5) - Horizontal right arm to indicate right turn is permitted


144(29) - Cycling in a crosswalk is not permitted.


Vehicles passing vehicles


147(1) - Slow moving vehicles

This section does not prohibit side by side cycling. Vehicles must be driven in the right hand lane or as close as practicable to the edge of the roadway when travelling at less than the speed of the traffic at the time. Presumably "as close to the edge as practicable" takes care of roads that are not laned, e.g. dirt roads and many residential streets.

148(5) - Vehicles overtaking others

Drivers of vehicles including cyclists must overtake on the left. The person overtaken is not required to leave more than one half of the roadway free.

172(1) - It is illegal to race a motor vehicle.

Racing a bicycle is not illegal.